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Reasons to Choose Club Pilates
Teaching Training Program

  • 01 Extensive and fulfilling curriculum

    Our teacher training program incorporates an authentic curriculum from a leading Pilates training school in the United States, encompassing both classroom instruction and hands-on practical sessions conducted in a real Pilates studio. Our curriculum allows even complete beginners to become professional instructors!

  • 02 Freely choose a course from a comprehensive course to a machine-specific course

    We offer seven courses, ranging from a comprehensive course where you can learn the basics of anatomy and receive comprehensive Pilates education on all equipment, to a specialized course on machines such as mats and reformers.

  • 03 Global career as a certified Club Pilates Instructor

    Our world-class Pilates teacher certification program allows you to work in many settings including group fitness, one-on-one, major gyms, small boutique studios around the world, and a growing number of club Pilates studios.

Type of Courses

  • Comprehensive Reformer, Mat and Apparatus Qualification Course


    500 hours

    Comprehensive students learn the basics of anatomy and receive comprehensive Pilates instruction on all equipment. Learn numerous exercises from mats to machines and become an instructor who can work with all kinds of clients.

  • Mat Instructor Qualification Course


    90 hours

    With a wide range of exercises from beginner to advanced and full-fledged anatomy, you can start teaching Pilates with confidence even if you have no experience in teaching. This course will include basic pilates prop application such as magic circle, resistance band and soft ball.

  • Reformer (+Anatomy) Instructor Qualification Course


    190 hours

    This is a course where you can learn international standard exercises and variations, and learn practically from private to group. This course will include basic pilates prop application such as magic circle, resistance band, soft ball and handweights.

  • Cadillac Instructor Qualification Course


    90 hours

    Enhance your anatomical understanding and teaching skills through Cadillac. You will learn how to apply it to Pilates springboard and Pilates tower.

  • Chair Instructor Qualification Course


    50 hours

    By learning a wide variety of EXO chair exercises, beginner to advance, deepens your understanding of Pilates essentials and expand the horizon for your lessons.

  • Pilates with Prop (Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Magic Circle, TRX and Trigger Point Massage)


    70 hours

    Learn the classic tools to Pilates. Pilates with prop can be a powerful aid to all body types and goals, through minor adjustments and even tactile feedback. Adding these knowledge into your Pilates library will widen your perspectives of mind-body connection in your Pilates sequence.

Course Schedule for Comprehensive Course

Pre-Reading Materials (Theory)
2 weeks
In-Studio (Core: Mat, Reformer)
4.5 weeks
Evaluation Week
1.5 weeks
In-Studio (Apparatus)
3.5 weeks
Final Evaluation Week
1.5 weeks
13 weeks
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Training Duration

  • Pre-Reading Materials (Theory)

    140.5 hours

    These hours are comprised of lectures, online assignments, reading, videos, and quizzes. All online hours can be completed anytime, anywhere, which allows participants to complete their hours at their own pace and schedule.

  • In-studio

    69 hours

    In-studio hours are completed in person at the host studio over 13 weeks. The Master Trainer will review the physical materials, providing deeper discussions regarding exercise application. Participants are required to attend all in-studio days to complete the program.

  • Observation

    82 hours

    Participants may begin logging observation hours the same day as enrollment. These hours can be completed by watching classes inside the studio or by watching Pilates classes online.

  • Self-Practice

    102.5 hours

    Participants may begin logging self-practice hours the same day as enrollment. These hours consist of time spent physically practicing the Pilates Method. These hours can be completed at home, in studio classes, private training sessions, or another environment that is conducive to self-practice. Class and private training session fees for these services will apply and are not included in the tuition for the Teacher Training program

  • Practice-Teaching

    71 hours

    Practice teaching hours can be clocked once Mat, Reformer, Springboard modules are completed (44 hours of ‘in studio days). Participants may request for Junior Instructor positions in Club Pilates and are subjected to approval by Master Trainer.

  • Assistant Teaching

    35 hours

    Assistant teaching hours are logged when the participant assists an approved Club Pilates instructor during a live class. During this time, a 3–5-minute increment of class is taught by the participant. During the remaining parts of the class, the participant will help adjust equipment, demonstrate proper form, and much more! This is a great time to pick up new teaching techniques, learn new cues, and shadow an experienced instructor.

Why Club Pilates?

  • Full Apparatus

    Our training includes all Comprehensive Pilates equipment plus anatomy and training in special populations

  • Self-Paced Learning
    & In-Studio

    Our training allows for flexible pacing with a blended education format including in-person (practical), independent and self-directed learning.

  • Mentorship
    & Support

    You'll have access to your host studio and Master Trainer for one year as you continue on your journey. Learn from experienced instructors as you progress every step of the way!

  • Career Security

    With over 800 studios worldwide, Club Pilates offers global career opportunities. Joining Club Pilates Singapore means access to full-time instructor roles, continuous support, and professional growth prospects.

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What is included in the Comprehensive Program?
The Club Pilates Teacher Training Program is a 500-hour Comprehensive Pilates Education Program that includes training in all Comprehensive apparatus: Mat, Pilates Reformer, Jumpboard, Cadillac, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Magic Circle, TRX and Trigger Point massage. In addition, our program includes training in anatomy and Special Populations. We are also the first and only program with an interactive, online learning portal where you watch the lecture portions at your own pace and in your own comfortable environment. You will watch and study these portions of the course while taking notes prior to attending the first of the in-studio days.
Once I enroll, what can I expect?
We will contact you to make payment via email. Once payment is made, you will be able to collect the physical material in one of the studios and will be given access to the google drive to start the Pre-reading (Theory) within 3 business days.
What is the host studio?
This is the Club Pilates studio location where Teacher Training Participants will practice, observe, and attend in-studio days. The host studio for Singapore is located at Woods Square. Meanwhile, as it is still under renovation, we will allocate a temporary studio to house the training from Jan to Mar 2024.
What do I need in order to graduate?
You will need to complete all 500 hours, coursework, a written exercise library, a written class library, a final written exam, and a final practical test out with your Master Trainer. Your progress through the course is self-tracked and overseen by your host studio and mentor Master Trainer. However, you will be provided guidance on how to stay on track every step of the way so you graduate by your goal date.
What does tuition include?
The tuition includes access to Club Pilates Teacher Training videos, access to the Host Studio upon availability, guidance from your Master Trainer, and mentorship for up to a year. You are required to make payment for the printed copy of the instructor training manual at S$180.
Are there any other costs?
There will be a printing fee of $180 for the instructor training manual.
Are there any financing options?
We will be partnering with Atome and you can choose to break your payments into 3 or 6 months installments.
What is the refund process if I want to cancel the course during the training duration?
All payments made for the course are non-refundable, including the tuition course fee and printing fee.
When can I start teaching?
'Practice teaching' and 'Assistant teaching' can commence after 38.5hours of in-studio days'. Assistant teaching = student takes the class for the first 3 -5 minutes + the remaining time be of assitance by helping with equipment adjustments and body demonstrations.

Real classes (full 50 minutes) can be assigned as Junior Instructor after completions of Mat, Reformer, Springboard in-studio days (44 hours of 'in studio days'). Classes available for Junior Instructor: Intro class, Reformer Flow Level 1, Cardio Sculpt Level 1 and Centre + Balance Level 1.

Students may request for for Junior instructor positions in Club Pilates, and are subjected to approval by Master Trainer. Completion of observation, practice and assistant teaching is highly advised.
What are the options to teach at Club Pilates?
We offer full time instructor role and freelance based on your availabilities.

If you sign up under the Fully Sponsored Comprehensive Reformer + Apparatus Course, there will be a conditional contract period of 1.5 years (350 teaching hours) as a full time instructor at Club Pilates Singapore.
When can I take the practical test?
Please refer to the schedule provided upon sign up. If time does not permit completion, you may take the test together with the next batch of students. Students who are unable to pass the test within 6 months are advised to sign up for refresher class at $80 per class, before booking for practical test out with Master Trainer.
How am I graded/What does the test consist of?
50% Final Practical Test-Out
15% Class participation and Attendance
10% Completed Assignments
10% Final Online Exam
10% Anatomy Course
5% Final Written Assignment
How many times can I retake the test? How much does it cost to retake the test?
The second attempt will be complimentary. $300 will be imposed from the third attempt onwards.
Can I teach in Club Pilates to complete my teaching hours? How much will I be paid?
Yes, you may clock in your practice teaching hours by teaching here at Club Pilates. Students will be paid $20 per class.
What is my starting pay as a normal instructor?
You will be paid as per certified instructor at Club Pilates Studios. Please reach out to us to find out more on our competitive compensation structure upon graduation.
What is bridging workshop?
Bridging workshop is necessary for all individuals who wishes to teach at Club Pilates. This comprehensive three-day workshop is designed to educate Pilates instructors from diverse backgrounds in Club Pilates principles and teaching ethics. Its primary focus is to ensure a deep understanding of each class's true definition, level standards, and the expectations tied to being a Club Pilates instructor. Throughout the workshop, all qualified instructors or teacher-training students will undergo a minimum of two assessments.

The first assessment involves a mock class evaluation, assessing comprehension of class types and the application of Pilates teaching skills. This evaluation precedes the assignment of an allocated class to teach.

The second assessment involves teaching an actual class, ensuring instructors can effectively apply the methods learned in a real teaching environment. Reassessments are available following any initial failures, with repeated failure potentially affecting job position applications within Club Pilates. The aim is to ensure competence and proficiency in applying Pilates methods in real teaching scenarios.
How do I keep track of my hours?
Participants will be provided with log sheets to record their observation, self-practice, practice teaching and assistant teaching hours. It will require signatures of the instructor conducting the class or the front-of-house staff on duty.
Why is there 2 weeks break in between some modules?
These are designated buffer periods for students to revise their modules and fulfill their required hours at their own pace. Apart from the 'In-studio days' as outlined in the provided registration link and brochure, there are no other allocated time commitments.These windows offer an excellent opportunity to review lessons and stay on track.
Do I have to pay rent to utilise the private room/studio space for self practice and practice teaching?
Rental fees for students:
Private room: $15/hr (Upon availability, any equipment can be used)
Studio space: $15/hr (Upon availability, any equipment can be used)

An optimal option for practice teaching is conducting sessions here at Club Pilates. Additionally, you have the choice to participate in our classes. Every student receives 10 complimentary classes. Afterward, classes are available at $25 each, applicable only for non-peak classes. Normal peak class prices vary by studio.
Where do I contact for more information?
You can contact teachertraining@clubpilates.com.sg for any enquiries.

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